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My name is Tony, and I am a guy from Ukraine (that's why my English is weak). And I will be a good game developer someday. I realy stand for it. But for now I am just a beginner, and here is my first creation -- "Deadline". 

"Deadline" is a simple game about Tanks and Time. All you need to do is to kill all Turrets on the level map. But that Turrets will be protected by shield created by the Field Generator. Each protects from the 60% of dmg that Turret gets, so if there are activated more than One, you will not be able to End this level. On the right top of the window you'll see a time till the game over. You have only 3 days to complete the game. This Time will flow faster than you think.)

Once the level is cleared you will be able to create new parts for your Next Tank, refill ammo, or restore some health using the items that you get from killing enemy Tanks. That's where you'll loose most of the Time. Don't forget to watch over your Tank.

The work is still in progress.

If you have an Idea -- write me on TonyP@ukr.net, I'll answer! If that's a good one, someday you'll be rewarded!

If you want to support me, press a special thing in Launcher. It will create txt file with my bitcoin address.

Requires Java!

Install instructions

Place folder from the archive anywhere you want. Launch exe it will run if you have Java on your PC.


DL 1.2.5.rar 12 MB